Sunday, March 25, 2012

Intergenerational equality

Today's precarity of labour - is there not the temptation to construct it as the end of a neoliberal project in which the baby boomer generation has pocketed all that was once the domain of the commons?

"New census data in the U.S. indicate that 37 percent of American households headed by someone under 35 now have a net worth of zero or less; households headed by a person over 65 have a net worth 47 times greater than younger households; the incomes of young people have fallen over 10 percent since 2000 even as the cost of living rises; and starting salaries are frozen or down even for those who do find jobs. 

And at present this problem is dealt with privately, by intergenerational wealth transfer (inheritance / rich parents), but increasingly, by making social compromises: 

Over a million more young people are living at home since 2008, and a "boomerang" generation (returning to live with their parents because of precarious work prospects) has grown up across North America and Western Europe. Traditional milestones of adulthood—living independently, marrying, having children, buying a home—seem as distant to the precariously employed as the traditional social welfare network based on "standard employment". 

In saying that, doesn't neo-liberalism then treat every disjunct between social (regulatory) life and economic (regulatory) life in terms of a crisis of efficiency? 

And isn't the inevitable solution we will be offered be the re-inscribing of familial relations into economic terms?

Male labour participation rate

The Tories 'Free Schools'

Speaking of co-opting...

The Ark charity, started by a bunch of hedge fund managers runs one of the most sucessful chains of schools in Britain. Ark stands for 'Absolute Returns for Kids'

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goodman/Eshun - Beyond the Long Tail

Whoa! This ties together so many things I've been thinking about it makes sense before I've even listened to it.
Kodwo Eshun from the Otolith Group (nominated for the Turner a few years back) and Steve Goodman (aka Kode9 and head of Hyderdub) talk about 'the Long Tail' and the future of music after the internet, referencing the global ghetto-tech culture along the way.