Monday, March 31, 2014

The Idiot Characters of Kafka

From Zizek, 'Living in the End Times'.
Of course Panza being one.

Monday, March 24, 2014


I always felt that minskys economics read like some sort of folktale or traditional myth. I just havent been able to find the right one yet.

Sacrifice 1

Derrida essay by Walt

"The transformation to come of ethics, law and politics, writes Derrida, would have to take into account psychoanalytical knowledge (le savoir psychoanalytique). And the community of psychoanalysis or psychoanalysts (la communauté psychoanalytique) would have to take into account history, notably the history of law, the recent performative mutations of which it has not shown any interest in. Law and politics constitute a psychoanalytical problem and psychoanalysis has or is a political responsibility. At the heart of this problem and this responsibility lies an irreducible and ageless cruelty, a cruelty as old as if not older than man – une cruauté sans âge, aussi vieille et sans doute plus vieille que l'homme. What remains to be thought psychoanalytically are the mutation and novel historical manifestations of this ageless cruelty." 

More on sacrifice to come


From the economist

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Iggy pop was published in a classics journal in 1995


 It’s a bit like this classic caricature of old-school British colonialism:

Lord Ponsonby: “How do you speak to the natives?

Lord Snot: “In English, of course”

Lord Ponsonby: “What if they don’t understand?”

Lord Snot: “I speak louder”