Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moving Beyond Art as an Artistic Strategy

From this quote, I get a better sense of what RMB is pushing us to do and why he's supporting us. I think its the first time I've heard him speak of artistic autonomy. Of course, this is from 10 years ago.

'Think of Alexandra Exter's work . You have some examples of in the show. But at some point she decided to give up art, at least in the classical sense of 
the production of artworks. She started to manufacture things 
for workers, creating textiles and so on. That's not in the show. 
How do you represent such a move by an artist? She is not 
giving up art, but has transformed aesthetic practice. Her action 
was not exactly restrained. 
You can see similar moves in the ExArgentina-project. These 
moves, I would argue, partake of art's autonomy. They wouldn't 
make much sense beyond an aesthetic perspective. I'd say that 
How do we want to be governed? starts at that point; that threshold, 
where it's not necessary to say no to conventional modes of 
artistic production, which you also have in ExArgentina, but 
where you have to notice art's trespasses of institutional and 
ontological boundaries. I'm interested in what happens beyond 
this threshold, in that which cannot be contained, so to speak. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cross-Cultural Filmmaking-Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Taylor

So maybe reading this will be enough, written by the filmmakers who made Leviathan for the Sensory Ethnography Lab 

Friday, August 1, 2014

migration mapping

slightly interesting, but probably exemplifies that culture actually moves at critical instances rather than general mass?