Saturday, February 11, 2012

slavs and tartars

Aesthetically, I think islamic culture is amazing and these guys have a great name and some interesting work. We should form a collective known as 'the journal of sino-judaic correspondence' and devote ourselves to mining the interstitial gap of confluence between Chinese and Judaic culture.  


  1. yeah ive seen their work before - i think from
    i think i really like their methodology, and i think that has translated itself to a very strong body of work largely because of its consistant focus and persistance and it enables the ability to bring many people on board productively

    i dont find that any of their single works really break through to that highest level

    nevertheless i think their methodology is something important and is a good model for setting up collective projects and probably something we should generally consider in relation to things such as brothersister for example

    im interested in that type of project that examines interstitial gaps but i am not sure i find that topic so interesting apart form the fact that it is the name of the blog - what would you conceive of it revealing/achieving?

  2. I think in the way that their projects, though anchored to one area, are actually quite varied. It's a bit more like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, in the sense that you would do what ever you felt like and then trace it back to the point at which it someway comes back to the Chinese and the Jews. Like in the Century of the Self how Adam Curtis draws an indirect line of influence from Johnny Mercer to Septermber 11, in that absolutely everything in the world in connected to every other thing in some way if you look hard enough.

    Also, I think we're in a post-virtuoso model of art, where rather than single acts of genius embodied in great masterpieces which change everything, its the long game, slow building up of catalogues of work which over time create something complex, dense and more influential than any single work could hope to be-basically treating ones entire oeuvre as one long, sustained artwork.

  3. i agree with that
    but in many ways the result is almost like a tumblr - where you have a cross ection of the world on one topic
    not that thats a bad thing
    i thing settting up a few mid to long term projects is a good idea
    but i think they work best when collectives do them