Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A relationship between two people can go by so many names

A relationship between two people can go by so many names: you could be friends or enemies; lovers or soul-mates; kin or clansmen; countrymen, comrades, brothers-in-arms, sibling rivals; sisters of mercy, or scissor sisters even; and in many places an older sister was not even the same thing as a younger one. There was no doubt that Purple and these women were sisters, but it remained to be discovered what type of sisters they would come to be to each other. And if the world changed enough, even if it were possible for the women to not change at all, then perhaps the term Sisters would not even describe the relationship that would exist between them.

A plump lady stepped forward and cupped Purple's face with her hands.
"How pleased we are to see your face again Purple! We have so much to talk about"

The small mountain town was situated not far from a hydroelectric dam , which you could see from certain streets on the East side of the hill. The ladies walked in this direction, past the street of culture with its many churches of different stripes, before stopping at a little mud brick house with a flat roof. "The assembly meeting will be here tonight, Sister, but in the meantime we can stay here for tea, and you can tell me of the leanings of your travels. Perhaps in the coming days you can even assist us with our new endevour to build a school... well a kind of school, more or less."

Purple had learned a lot these past weeks. According to the old Kurdish Proverb "The Kurds have no friends but the mountains". And while this might be true, Purple had learnt of late, that the mountains were friends to many others as well.  As they had told her at Broken Head, if history was in fact over, news of this fact had not yet spread as high as the hills. And it was no different in this small mountain town.

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