Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Unexploited Worker

I think at this present moment, when neither the subjects of the West or the Global South have a monopoly on exploitation, there is nothing particularly revelatory in showing a miner being exploited in Ghana when a fourteen year old working in the super market around the corner on a zero hour contract for below minimum wage is just as much a victim of global capitalism. Perhaps what would be really shocking and difficult to find and show at the moment would be to find examples of the un-exploited worker.


  1. isnt that the explicit rationale of comparative advantage - mutual exploitation is supposed to make all work harder and be better off
    or to misquote the subtitle of kaspar hauser: Every Man against Man and all for God

  2. another idea of the "unexploited". This article is all about how the super wealthy are super anxious and feel financially insecure. I guess the cultural figure is the "poor little rich boy/girl" but my sense is that figure sort of left the culture at some point. I sort of associate it with a more Dickensian era.

  3. “the lucky sperm club.” great name for a nightclub or thuggish gang