Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An aside on cultural appropriation

I am super sensitive about racism, especially the implicit racism in mainstream culture which always makes me prickle. Why do I find this not racist and actually the funniest thing ever? Is it that the funny overrides the offense or that it's such an over the top caricature that it crosses the line into absurdity? Or is it, as Zizek argues when you can make racist jokes and for them to be funny to everyone have we truly gone beyond racism as opposed to the politically correctness prohibition on offending anyone? 


  1. Yeah this is a bit of an aside - hilarious for sure. How come you are so culturally sensitive? I think I am increasingly tending toward the position that all culture is fair game absolutely and that ethics exists with little regard to the aesthetics of cultural expression...but i have to think this through a bit

  2. I am not culturally sensitive in a PC way, I am culturally sensitive in a raw, pure Freudian explanatory way from a very un-PC childhood.