Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erothug promo ideas thread



  1. Can I see some images or something?

  2. Yeah, to know what I am dealing with. On another matter, now that we have pretty much all the tracks done, do you think we should start 'leaking' the tracks onto the internet? How can we get likes on the facebook page, can you start promoting it. Should I upload the whole thing onto soundcloud and start sending it to blogs and remix people as a teaser? What's the first step?

  3. I'm not sure either - I definately think we need to be quite considered and focused in terms of our internet prescence from now on. I think I might do some research and try to talk to some people.

    Broadly speaking:
    - we need a BSR soundcloud and a BSR fbook and they somehow link/embed to the blog/site (not sure whats on them though).
    - we need to update our BSR mailing lists
    - in terms of leaking it and prerelease promotion I am not sure yet...we should research Lil B and other internet sensations...i see this more as a learning experiment in web dynamics rather than a slef-promo thing but it would be nice to get the hang of it. So for eg. do most people just release everything they have? I certainly think its better releasing things in dribs and drabs prior to official release cos if you just put it all up people just get overwhelmed and never really listen to it.

  4. Alright, do you wanna start a those three things, bsr facebook, soundcloud, twitter. I feel like you have to spend a few hours every night just adding and linking to your stuff on facebook and blogs and stuff to get attention.

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