Friday, May 27, 2011

Chinese Dominoes

Do you buy this argument, that the Chinese would deliberately let power plants fail resulting in electricity shortages in order to cool the economy. Isnt China's biggest concern social discontent, and wouldn't that be aggravated by such a strategy? Would the government be more concerned with keeping the global economy from falling back in to recession rather than risk losing their power?


  1. This argument is rubbish. No electricity = no output = no value. Its like saying I am worried I'm paying too much tax on my income so I will earn less money and work less as a solution. Its cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    If you want to read a blog that is economic but sper critical ie pessimistic , I sometimes read this [] . These guys are all professional and sometimes get reprinted in the age. Even still, their scaremongering makes me bristle with suspicion.

    As a general rule, I feel like all doomsayers are about to sell me a solution to a problem I'm not sure I ever had

  2. how do you make it look like [ ... ]

  3. Yeah, as an economics novice I get pretty impressed and overwhelmed when I read stuff using economics jargon and statistics and graphs. Maybe it's how other people feel when they read art jargon, is technical language really just an obfuscatory tactic to hide stupid ideas? I guess that's obvious.
    I just type [...] and make it a link, but you can't do it when you're posting a comment, only in gmail.